Second tickling session with @ManchesterTeenFeet (Part 2)

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Second tickling session with @ManchesterTeenFeet (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of the second tickling session with @ManchesterTeenFeet (Twitter / Instagram). Make sure you check out the first tickling session if you haven’t already. He couldn’t wait to try my stocks in another position so I got him secured on his front with his soles exposed facing upwards and used Ticklr to decide what happened.

In this second part I tickled him with hairbrushes, pinwheels, a dental toothpick, a comb with spikes, and an electric toothbrush. I also decided to roast his soles to make them more sensitive and threw in some tickling with my fingers when his soles were extra sensitive just for extra fun.

Shoe size: 13 UK | 14 US | 48.5 EU

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