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First ever tickling session with @namelessepup

Here is a video I thought was lost, but I found it in the archives, but I managed to pull it together and edit it...
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Waking up to @PupDelius’ morning paws

When @PupDelius stayed overnight I just had to take loads of pics of his soft paws in the morning. It was such a nice way...
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@BGNFeet crushing fruit and cakes on a glass panel

I put grapes, strawberries, battenberg cake, and apple pies on my large sheet of industrial strength walk-on glass and got @BGNFeet to crush them under...
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Photos of @namelessepup’s filthy paws

Here are the photos of @namelessepup's filthy paws after he went barefooting indoors. His soles are so nicely shaped and the dirt just helps to...
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Barefooting indoors with @namelessepup

It has been a long time since I got to meet with @namelessepup and when I suggested going barefooting indoors to get his paws dirty...
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@ObjectXX’s feet covered in cum

I took lots of photos while @ObjectXX was giving me a footjob. They were so soft and the lighting made them look just perfect. I...
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Getting a footjob from @ObjectXX

After the tickling session with @ObjectXX, when I got to play with his beautiful feet, I just had to get a footjob from them! Luckily...
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@Restrainedray’s gunged feet photos

Here are the photos from the gunging session when when I covered @Restrainedray's feet with warm pink gunge and massaged them. Shoe size: 7 UK...
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Gunging @Restrainedray’s feet

It's been a long time since I got my hands on @Restrainedray's feet, and he loved the idea of having them covered in gunge and...
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Toe bondage photos with @MrYours3

Here's the photos from the session when I got @MrYours3 in my stocks and tied each toe individually really tight, covered his soles with oil,...
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Toe bondage and tickling with @MrYours3

After the first session, @MrYours3 couldn't wait to get back into my stocks! This time I got him laying on his front, tied each toe...
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Photos of @ObjectXX’s feet oiled and secured in my stocks

I took loads of photos during the mummification and tickling session with @ObjectXX (Twitter). With his feet secured in the stocks I used rope to...
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Mummifying @ObjectXX and tickling his feet in my stocks

I mummified @ObjectXX (Twitter) in plastic wrap and got his feet secured in my stocks for an intense tickling session. This was his first proper...
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Photos of @PupDelius’ roast paws

I think @PupDelius' (Twitter) paws are good enough to eat, so I got them in a roasting tray and added vegetables, oil, and seasoning to...
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@PupDelius’ roast paws

Sometimes you see a pair of paws and think they look good enough to eat. @PupDelius' (Twitter) paws were certainly good enough to eat so...
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More photos from the tickling session with #StubbornTwink

Here are the photos from the second part of the tickling session I had with the guy I decided to call #StubbornTwink. In this set...
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Tickling #StubbornTwink in my stocks (Part 2)

Here's the second part of the new twink I called #StubbornTwink because he focused really hard so he didn't react to my tickling! I used...
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Screencaps from @PupDelius’ forest barefooting

Here are screencaps from the forest barefooting trip with @PupDelius (Twitter). It wasn't damp enough for his paws to get dirty, but seeing them out...
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@PupDelius barefooting in a forest

I took @PupDelius (Twitter) to a forest so he could remove his trainers and socks and enjoy some barefooting for the first time (or should...
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Photos of @JamesOakleigh_X’s silicone feet models in the garden

It was so much fun making silicone copies of @JamesOakleigh_X's feet last week, and now I can remember what his feet look like even when...
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I created this website to feature as a portal to share my content with everyone. It pulls together all the posts I have on X, formally known as Twitter and JustFor.Fans into one location and allows viewing/searching by category, tag, or keyword.

If you're a twink and would like me to play with your feet by tickling them, or whatever you want to try, chat with me on here or on X.

I hope you enjoy this site.


Ticklr Random Tickle Selection Software by Twink Feet UK

Ticklr is an application for Microsoft Windows to be used during a tickling session. It randomly selects what happens during the session and has options for what methods of tickling are going to be included, how long each will last, if a safeword is to be used, and how the session will end.

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