About Ticklr

About Ticklr

What is Ticklr?

Ticklr is an application for Microsoft Windows to be used during a tickling session. It randomly selects what happens during the session and has options for what methods of tickling are going to be included, how long each will last, if a safeword is to be used, and how the session will end.

I wanted to randomise tickling sessions to make them a bit more exciting, so I created this application for my own use. However, shortly after posting the first video on here I had many people asking if they could buy a copy. I then put in as much effort as I could around my normal day-to-day schedule to make the software suitable for release.

How does Ticklr work?

A typical session involves a person being tickled (the Ticklee) and someone who will be tickling them (the Tickler).

  • The ticklee chooses the type of session they would prefer
    1. Single Method Selection – Each tickle method is picked once and the session ends when all have been chosen.
    2. Timed Session – The session ends when the session timer ends.
  • The Ticklee follows the steps on-screen to:
    1. Select the tickle methods to be included
    1. Set the limits
    2. Set a safeword (if desired)
    3. Tap to lock the settings in place
  • The Tickler:
    1. Gets all the required tools and themselves ready
    2. Taps/clicks the Select tickle method button
  • The app chooses a tickle method and the duration
    1. A timer appears to track that selected tickle method and count down
    2. The next method is selected after the timer ends.
  • Session ends when:
    1. Each tickle method is picked once and the session ends when all have been chosen (Single Method Selection).
    2. The session ends when the session timer ends (Timed Session)

Is there a user guide and video demos?

A full user guide can be found here.

Detailed video demonstrations of how all aspects of the software work can be found here.

What do I do if I have an issue using the software or have any questions before purchase?

You can get in contact by using the support form on this page or by sending a message through Twitter or Instagram to @TwinkFeetUK.

Is there a promo video?

Yes, check here: