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@PupDelius barefooting in a forest

I took @PupDelius (Twitter) to a forest so he could remove his trainers and socks and enjoy some barefooting for the first time (or should...
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Photos of @JamesOakleigh_X’s silicone feet models in the garden

It was so much fun making silicone copies of @JamesOakleigh_X's feet last week, and now I can remember what his feet look like even when...
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Making silicone models of @JamesOakleigh_X’s feet

I made silicone models of @JamesOakleigh_X's feet. I was keen to try this again, after I had fun making copies of @BGNFeet's feet, and James...
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Photos of @MrYours3’s feet in my stocks

Here's the photos from the session when I tickled @MrYours3 in my stocks. I love how soft his feet were and how the oil made...
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Oiling and tickling @MrYours3’s feet in my stocks

I have a new guy to introduce this week. I got @MrYours3 secured in my stocks, covered his soles with oil, and tickled his feet...
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@BGNFeet chilling and showing off his feet on the sofa

It's such a lovely sight to see @BGNFeet barefoot on my sofa and a lot of fun to play with his feet while watching TV....
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@BGNFeet and @PupDelius barefoot on the train

While on the way home on the train from Feet On Friday in London I told @BGNFeet and @PupDelius to get their feet out and...
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Easter Special: @BGNFeet crushing an Easter egg

I gave @BGNFeet a big Easter egg for him to crush under his feet. He strips off his socks before playfully rolling the egg underneath...
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@BGNFeet walking on a glass panel and showing his soles

I bought a large sheet of industrial strength walk-on glass and invited @BGNFeet to be the first to try it out. I love how this...
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Photos of @JamesOakleigh_X’s feet oiled and trapped in my stocks

It was a lot of fun getting @JamesOakleigh_X's feet in my stocks and tying rope around each individual toe. Here are the photos from toe...
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@PupDelius’ paws covered with gunge

When @PupDelius (Twitter) heard I wanted to try making content with gunge he couldn't wait to get his paws covered! We filled the bath and...
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Photos of @BGNFeet giving me a dirty-soled footjob

Here are photos from the session where @BGNFeet gave me a footjob with his dirty feet. I loved how the dirt accentuated the curves of...
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Tickling @PupWolfie123 in my stocks (Part 2)

Here's part 2 of the tickling session with @PupWolfie123. I loved having his paws restrained in my stocks and I loved how ticklish he was....
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Making sweet dessert with @namelessepup’s feet

Here are photos from the two sessions I had with namelessepup where I covered his paws with sweets, chocolates, whipped cream, and syrup. Videos of...
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Making a Valentine’s Day treat with @namelessepup’s feet

Happy Valentine's Day! I enjoyed the video I posted for last Valentine's Day so much, I just had to make another one. This time @namelessepup...
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Photos from the tickling session with #StubbornTwink

Here are some photos from the first part of the tickling session I had with the guy I decided to call #StubbornTwink. More photos to...
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Tickling #StubbornTwink in my stocks (Part 1)

I have a new twink to share with you this week. He doesn't have a social media handle to share so I've called him #StubbornTwink...
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5,000 followers on Twitter!

5,000 people have followed me on Twitter. I means a lot for so many people to appreciate what I do and like my work. Please...
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Photos from @PupWolfie’s bastinado session

Here are the photos and some screengrabs from the bastinado session I had with @PupWolfie123. I loved seeing his paws struggling to move and he...
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Bastinado for @PupWolfie123 (Part 2)

Here's part two of the bastinado session with @PupWolfie123. He really wanted to get his paws restrained in my stocks and experience bastinado, and although...
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I created this website to feature as a portal to share my content with everyone. It pulls together all the posts I have on Twitter and JustFor.Fans into one location and allows viewing/searching by category, tag, or keyword.

If you're a twink and would like me to play with your feet by tickling them, or whatever you want to try, chat with me on here or Twitter.

I hope you enjoy this site.

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Ticklr Random Tickle Selection Software by Twink Feet UK

Ticklr is an application for Microsoft Windows to be used during a tickling session. It randomly selects what happens during the session and has options for what methods of tickling are going to be included, how long each will last, if a safeword is to be used, and how the session will end.

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  • @PupDelius barefooting in a forest

    I took @PupDelius (Twitter) to a forest so he could remove his trainers and socks and enjoy some barefooting for the first time (or should that be barepawing?). The ground was very dry, so his paws di…

    Posted 5th June 2023

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