Second tickling session with @ManchesterTeenFeet (Part 1)

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Second tickling session with @ManchesterTeenFeet (Part 1)

When we finished the first tickling session @ManchesterTeenFeet (Twitter / Instagram) couldn’t wait to try my stocks in another position. I got him secured on his front with his soles exposed facing upwards and used Ticklr to decide what happened. He has the biggest feet I’ve ever played with so far and they were a massive canvas for me to play with.

In this first part I tickled him with a dish brush, brush on drill, drew all over his soles with a pen, used rubber brushes, and my fingers. I also decided at a couple of points I would roast his soles to make them more sensitive as well.

Shoe size: 13 UK | 14 US | 48.5 EU

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