James Oakleigh’s toe bondage and tickling

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James Oakleigh’s toe bondage and tickling

James Oakleigh has such cute feet and I love playing with them. I took the opportunity to get him laying on his front with his feet in my stocks so I could tie each toe down to my board and stretch them out. After they were secured I tickled them to see how much he could move, before deciding it was much more fun to have them unrestrained.

I set up Ticklr with just “hairbrush” as the only option, but with the possibility of between 1 and 4 minutes, so it wouldn’t be my choice how long he had to endure it for. Ticklr selected 1 minute, and you can hear James let out a brief evil laugh as if to say “Ha! I got it easy!”. After that, I wasn’t going to give him an easy time, and mercilessly tickled his feet hard.

Shoe size: 5.5 UK | 6.5 US | 39 EU

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