Brazilian twink feet tickling: Round two (Part 1)

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Brazilian twink feet tickling: Round two (Part 1)

The Brazilian twink couldn’t wait to get his feet in my stocks again for another tickling session, and I couldn’t wait to tickle him. His laugh made me smile all the way through this. I tied his toes in place and then used Ticklr to select what happened.

Watch as I tickle him with a dish brush and pinwheel, and then give him a treat by using my own feet to massage his soles. Following that, a hairbrush was used to make him really giggle. At the end you’ll see me oiling up his soles to make them more sensitive for tickling with my fingers.

You can see more in part 2.

Shoe size: 42 Brazil | 10 UK | 11 US | 44 EU

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