#AnonymousTwink gets tickled hard

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#AnonymousTwink gets tickled hard

I got an anonymous twink restrained in my stocks and tickled his feet hard with a variety of tools using my tickle app. He doesn’t make a sound during the session, and you can see he’s struggling at points to get through it, especially on the last tool – a hairbrush.

I asked him afterwards why he didn’t make any noise and his response was “It was so bad, I wanted to let go and burst out laughing, but I wasn’t going to let you break me”. I should have known he was going to be a tough one when I took his trainers off and “FCK YOU” was on the bottom of his socks!
Looks like I’ll have to get him back for a second round and try some different tools.

Full video of the session, this one isn’t split into parts.

Shoe size: 9 UK | 10 US | 43 EU

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