Still reediting older videos

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Still reediting older videos

Because I always want to make sure I’m bring the highest-quality content to you all I am working through older videos and re-editing them to make them look much better. When I first started this page I did all my editing on an old laptop, and the quality of the monitor was very poor. Because of this, videos I edited and made look to look as best as they could on that laptop weren’t actually as good as they could have been. Now that I’m doing my editing on a desktop computer with a higher-quality screen it makes me look back at the previous videos and know I could have done better.

The older videos will be re-edited to a higher quality and reposted as and when I have the time to do them. Don’t worry, I will still be posting new content as well as the reposts.

Here is an example of the kind of quality change I’m talking about.

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