Tickling from a new angle!

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Tickling from a new angle!

Another new guy for you this week and the first time I have filmed from the other angle. This was supposed to be a multi-camera video but the camera on the other side had been accidentally set to manual aperture and focus and I didn’t notice until half way through the session so the footage was all blurry and unusable. However, the other videos from this session were filmed with two cameras so I’ll be able to post the first multi-camera video with switching between the two and hopefully using a split screen so you can see both angles at the same time. Watch this space for that, it’s going to take some time.

I hope you enjoy this video of me stripping off his boots and socks and then tickling with a variety of methods using my tickle app to select what happens.

Shoe size: 7 UK | 8 US | 41 EU

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